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Total Apathy

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While it is a normal stage many of us cycle through, since you mentioned antidepressants in a later post - make sure you're on a correct dose/ a med that works for you. While I didn't take antidepressants when I became widowed, I did for my PPD after giving birth to the twins and started feeling very apathetic like you described, cutting my dosage really helped because while I wasn't feeling such severe lows, I wasn't feeling the highs either anymore on the higher dosage.

Absolutely  one hundred percent normal.

So so sorry.

So normal. I remember in my first year a friend took me to an animal sanctuary (because I love animals) and I got to bottle feed baby deer, hand feed strawberries to a turtle, and pet a capybara. I felt nothing.

I feel like I should add: it will be 6 years June 11th and - at this point- any one of those aforementioned activities would have me over the moon with joy. So, yeah, apathy is part of the journey but it is by no means the final destination.


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