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Off Topic: Sightseeing in Washington DC. -- suggestions?


So, my husband and I had a travel bucket list..... and before he passed, the biggest thing still on the list was visiting Washington DC.... (We're California born and bred....) 

So... The kids and I are headed out East this summer - I booked a hotel near Arlington/Pentagon - We are expecting to see everything there is to see on the Mall -

BUT... Any other suggestions for where to go? What to see?  Suggestions for getting around?  (We're staying near DCA and near the Metro, so planning to take the train into town...) 

Thanks for any suggestions! 


First Widow:
DC is one of my favorite places.  My sister lives nearby so my kids grew up visiting almost every summer and now my daughter goes to college there.  I almost always have a car so I can't help with getting around (although I do use Uber when I fly down for the weekend.)  Our favorites when the kids were younger were the Air & Space Museum in Chantilly (not on the Mall,) the Spy Museum and the National Zoo to see pandas. 

The sights on the Mall should keep you busy for a couple of days, at least!
I love the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Air & Space Museum on the Mall.
You have to make an extra effort to get over to the Jefferson Memorial... don't miss it.
I agree about seeing the Zoo... that's almost a whole day all by itself.
The Washington National Cathedral is only 1 mile from the Zoo.
The National Arboretum is worth seeing... they have some bonsai trees that are centuries old!
DC has a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum - I would NOT miss that!
And it's near Chinatown - a great place for lunch!
Have fun!

Arlington National Cemetery - not to be missed.
Lincoln Memorial
United States Holocaust Museum - very moving
National Portrait Gallery
National Arboretum
Heurich House Museum (also known as the Brewmaster's Castle) If you like beer. . . :)
Old Stone House

Lots and lots more to see. 

There is SO MUCH to see and do in DC.  I love the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery.  This is a little random but the National Building Museum is one of my favorites. 

Also, if memory serves, there is at minimum one museum with evening hours each day of the week.  So you can also extend your days (if you're not already out of steam) with some evening museum visits. 

The Memorials at night are also pretty spectacular! 


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