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Widow songs from If/Then (Idina Menzel)


Mr C:
Here is "Always Starting Over" sung by Idina Menzel. This is the widow song near the end of If/Then as Liz reflects back on her life with her husband and the journey ahead. This song has been going through my head all morning while reading the new forum. Thanks Jess for responding so quickly to set up a new forum, and Justin, Jen and the others who have put so much into creating new homes for us "to start over and over."


Mr C:
Here is another widow song from If/Then, "You Learn to Live Without." I saw If/Then a couple weeks ago on Broadway and Idina Menzel was amazing. The story follows two paths for Elizabeth: all business Beth who is a single workaholic; and Liz who falls in Love, gets married and becomes a widow. It's not that she can't have both love and career. It's just that subtle choices and encounters lead to different paths (with some similar fates). The whole song fits for widows. However, technically the first verse is sung by Beth. Liz's widow verse begins (1:15) with "You learn to fall asleep alone." The last verse (2:22) is from both character's perspectives, "You learn to count the quiet wins; an hour with no unprompted tears."


FYI - The final performance for If/Then on Broadway is March 22nd.

Thank you SO MUCH for reposting these. I'm sad that I'm missing this show by such a narrow margin!

I've had a few songs in mind that I considered posting, but I don't want to flood the board with Broadway's Greatest Hits. Those are the songs I know, and the ones that really speak to me, but I don't want to annoy everybody. ;)


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