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Re: Anti-depressants
« Reply #15 on: April 02, 2015, 01:11:37 PM » I want to try again. Because some things you just don't NOTICE until they are strung together like that.  Hitting snooze, putting off eating or shopping, too many ponytail days because washing hair was more than I wanted to be bothered with. Not looking forward to things I normally would.  In the face of that evidence, I am leaning a little more now towards scheduling an appointment.  Too bad my insurance stinks so bad a regular copay is $40. ACK.
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Re: Anti-depressants
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There are a few antidepressants on walmart's $4 /mth, $10/3mth list, maybe one of those would work.


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Re: Anti-depressants
« Reply #17 on: April 03, 2015, 04:26:47 AM »
Thanks for all your stories and perspectives... If it is a route I go down it will be a highly considered one, and I have asked to be referred to a specialist rather than a generalist doctor who would have hopefully more experience in the area..


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Re: Anti-depressants
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So I would say that your feelings are going to be all over the place and drastic, that isn't a reason to go on antidepressants. Think about how are you functioning?

Functioning was definitely the deciding factor for me!  I had been fighting depression for months before my husband died, and already beating myself up for not doing better.  His passing just made things ten times worse.  I had no desire to do anything at all and I do mean anything.  So in my case, I definitely needed the anti-depressant.  I agree that it won't take the sadness or even the panic away, but I am living my life now and a slowly adding more to it.  Will I be dependent on this medication forever?  I doubt it.  I've used anti-depressants once before, when I was first suffering from fibromyalgia and no one seemed to know what was wrong.  Once I had a diagnosis, the validation that was I was battling is real, I was able to discontinue them.
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