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Last night 60 minutes ran a double segment about a Phase 1 trial at Duke in which they are injecting the polio virus directly into the tumor.  It hasn't been effective in all cases but in at least three so far the tumor/cancer disappeared - and at least so far has stayed away!  A little hope, perhaps?  Did any of you see it?  Online I can only watch the first bit but hopefully someone will post it on youtube at some point. 

I saw it and it was incredibly interesting. The parts I saw dealt with glioblastoma in particular; I'm not sure if there were any other tumors they were working with.  It seems that they are experimenting a lot with the dose. I'm so proud of and grateful to the men and women who volunteer for those studies and trials.  I wouldn't have the guts.


I saw it and just sat there in amazement.  Who would have thought that a disease that people dreaded for so many years could be a cure for cancer?  I watch all of these documentaries.  PBS had a special this week:Cancer: The Emperor of the Maladies.  Another very informative piece.

I do believe that there is an answer out there for the cure for cancer.  There are more treatments than there were just 6 years ago when my DH was being treated for lung cancer.  I have to believe there will be a cure someday soon.  That will surely be a day to celebrate.


I can't watch the 60 minutes special because it brings back too much pain since my husband passed away from GBM.  All I can think of after reading this post is, "Why, oh why couldn't they have been thinking this way 4 years ago?"  I feel so guilty for being upset and angry today.   I should be happy that they are moving forward in finding a viable treatment for this horrible and extremely fatal disease, but I can't help feeling sorry for myself and my husband that it came 4 years too late.  I can't believe I just admitted being immature and selfish, but man, I am really having a pity party for myself.   :-[

It is more than ok to feel that way.  My sweet colleague/friend asked me, when the episode came up, "Aren't you angry?" For me, no.  If I could save one more person from having to know what I know and see what I saw, I would do it in a second.  So would you, I bet.  But it is absolutely normal and ok to feel the way you feel.  The only greater mind fuck than GBM itself is living out GBM with someone you love.  I completely get it.


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