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Finally It's Cat's Last Night
« on: April 01, 2015, 01:59:26 AM »
Her last night in my house and I couldn't be happier! Ugh I may be a bad pet owner but I just don't care anymore. Some of you may remember from YWBB about me bitching about cat. We started fostering Princess Fat Ass when she tried to play with a very old little dog and the dog got injured because of it. We were going to watch the cat while the dog healed from her back injury when simultaneously the dog owner didn't want the cat back (for fear of her dogs health) and my husband fell in love with cat. I only agreed to keep cat but it was to be my daughter and husbands responsibility. Don't get me wrong she is overall a very good cat: loving, playful, good with older kids, not afraid of dogs, not skittish, etc. But cat loves to overeat and we have been diligent about getting her back to a healthy weight. The problem is that my cat LOVED my husband and she has been pissed that he is gone.

She gained a ton a weight the month DH died because I didn't notice that family/friends were constantly giving her food when they came over to help me. So I have been struggling to get her weight under control again and she is mad at me about it. She got so big she couldn't clean her butt so she would scoot on my carpet. If I didn't feed her exactly on time she would work herself into a frenzy and eat everything in less than a minute and throw up back on my floor. I got an automatic pet feeder and she figured out how to trip it and gained more weight. I made puzzle feeders which helped somewhat but again only worked if I was home perfectly on time to feed her. Now add the fact I have a baby in the house and things have gotten worse. I have noticed that she gets miffed anytime I have the baby on the floor. At first I thought maybe she was just curious and wanted to play with the baby toys so I would leave them out to see what she would do. Well she only cared about them if the baby was playing with it. I have caught her trying to swipe (and not the gentle playful way) at the baby. She has had 8 months to get used to the baby but now she is getting more annoyed that this tiny human is moving more and becoming more noisy. My last straw hit when I noticed she is defecating/ urinating on ONLY the baby's items. I already know she doesn't have ANY medical problems besides being an overeater and her cat litter box gets cleaned twice a day.

Luckily I have a no kill shelter really close to me and they are going to take cat. Plus they are willing to take the cat's food dishes, litter box, her scratching post tree, brushes and anything else of hers. My oldest daughter says she is sad but I can tell she is done with the cat too. So Princess Fat Ass is going away tomorrow and I am just giddy about it! I have already packed the car with her toys. No more constantly having to clean the carpet from her barf and shit. No more having to vacuum the couch to remove her cat hair. No more having to rush home to feed her or having to keep my doors closed all the time. No more of having to worry about the baby playing on the floor. No more vet, pet stores, groomers, etc. I know it's a little evil but I can't wait! Bye Bye you "f-ing" hairball!