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Who were their favorites?
« on: April 01, 2015, 12:59:58 PM »
My Tim loved music more than anything.  So one of the ways I think I can honor his memory in a way he'd appreciate is to keep talking about the bands he adored and try to carry the torch of musical evangelist as best I can.  And I'm sure I'm not alone - I'm sure all of your spouses had a favorite band/singer/book/author/movie/etc that they loved sharing with others.  So tell us....what was your husband or wife's favorite?  Favorite author, favorite band, favorite movie?  What was that one thing that - when meeting someone for the first time and talking about any type of art - they just couldn't wait to recommend?

My husband's favorite band of all time - without question - was The Flaming Lips.  He especially loved their weird and noisy 90s output.  I couldn't tell you his favorite song or album of theirs - I don't think he could have either - so here's a song from their 1992 album Hit to Death in the Future Head that I know he was quite fond of.  I'm sure he'd appreciate me telling you - the louder you listen, the better :)
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Re: Who were their favorites?
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Brooks enjoyed old, classic country, such as Hank Williams, Jr, Waylon Jennings, etc. But he also held affinity f or classic rock, as well.

But The Beatles would have topped his list. He could quote even some of their most obscure lyrics. They just touched his soul.

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