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Back at the old place, I remember we used to have a "cooking for one" thread in the "wids without kids" section.  I see our friends over in the "with kids" section started a busy parent cooking thread, so I thought I'd revive our old cooking thread as well.  All wids gotta eat, after all!  And as much as I tried in those early months, I can safely say one cannot subsist on wine and potato chips alone :)

My favorite meal for one is a quick breakfast for dinner.  Omelets are fantastic for this - throw in whatever meat, cheese and/or veggies you may have sitting in the fridge, make a couple pieces of toast (or if you're feeling fancy, maybe a waffle!) and it's actually a relatively balanced meal.  Especially if you use an egg substitute (I love the little cartons with the screw-on tops) and load up on the vegetables.

What are some of your favorite things to cook for yourselves?

I love to cook only not so much anymore because it's hard to cook only for myself. When I do, I like to make chilli or stews but always make too much :). I have small glass bowls with lids so I freeze single servings for when I'm not in the mood to cook or too tired to cook. I did like that cooking for one thread in YWBB

Thank you MrsTim85 for kick starting this. I don't know if this recipe would work for those who prefer Egg beaters. It's kind of nice to have these made ahead and in the morning stumble into kitchen for a reheat.

Egg muffins
Spring onion as required
Chopped tomatoes as required
Onion as required
Cheese as required
Green chillies
Fresh coriander
You can add chicken or other lean meats, spinach, ricotta cheese, bell peppers, and lots more as per your taste.
Eggs 6 beaten with 2 tbsp milk, black pepper to taste
-Preheat oven at 200C
-Grease your muffin tin
-Add vegetables of your choice along with cheese (if you choose), pour beaten egg mixture on it.
-Place muffin pan on the center rack of a preheated oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until muffins are light brown, puffy, and the eggs are set.
-Let muffins cool for a few minutes before removing from the muffin pan or cups. Loosen gently with knife if they seem to be sticking. Eat immediately or let cool completely and store in plastic bag in refrigerator or freezer.

I love mac and cheese and I have used this recipe many times when I'm craving it:


It really is the perfect amount for one person- no leftovers which is huge for me as well because I don't do leftovers.

I have a small food saver and it is fantastic for one.  A few coworkers and friends have made me food and a bit more than I could eat.  The food saver allowed me to freeze the extra in single serving portions.  BTW, single serving portions SUCK. 

I was so excited one day when I opened the freezer and thought I had a whole container of chili frozen.  Well I defrosted it, went to stir it and .................. Fricken pasta sauce!   OOOOOoooo I was so mad!  I was looking forward to the meat after 3 weeks of nothing but carbs (first few weeks after E died).  The following week I made a huge crock pot of chili, had some for dinner one night, waited until it cooled and food saved the rest.  I have plenty of chili now. 

Sandy - E's wife


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