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Re: Happy Easter
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2015, 06:05:28 PM »
Nope, I did not think of oregano, but of course that makes sense.  Next time!

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There was something fishy about the butler.  I think he was a Pisces, probably working for scale.


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Re: Happy Easter
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Loved the pictures from Greece.  Looks stunning!  Hope everyone had a nice Easter.  I kinda had a meltdown in the morning.  I actually was yelling at God, as I went from a family of five to now just me (oh, and my dog).   Two kids moved out of state, and one moved in with her fianc?.  Anyway, after I got it all out, I did apologize to God for my rant!  After 2 years, I still find holidays difficult.

I can so relate to this. I went from 4 to 2. Younger daughter does her own thing so I don't see much of her. Had some family issues at an early dinner so I made it short and got out of there. This is the first year I was unable to visit my wife's grave. I had a terrible feeling of guilt.
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