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Anybody want to talk about the challenges of long distance relationships? 


I'm not in one right now...but my while dating my dh we were. Once we were married we did live together for a couple of years, but with his job he worked away for the last four years of our marriage.
It can be very challenging! For us the arguments were worse, because at least face to face it can be easier to resolve rather than on the phone, or FaceTime, etc... The special events that I had to attend alone without him, were another thing I hated so much.
In reality I suppose the long distance marriage we had actually prepared me better for this life without him..maybe it has made it somewhat easier to adjust?!  I know I am certainly more independant, and used to dealing with issues on my own than I might have been had he been home all the time..
One positive to the long distance was how much we appreciated every moment we did have together. We never took our time together for granted and made the most of it. I think that's another aspect that has made this journey a little less painful.
I realize you are talking about current relationships, and maybe I shouldn't really post about the past, but I get how hard it is. Every relationship has it's challenges, being in a long distance relationship has different challenges for sure. However, for us it worked, and I know some other couples that it works for as well, but it's definitely not for everyone!

If your heart is in it then you will find a way to make it work. One thing that changed about me post loss, was my willingness to travel. I don't mind leaving my roots anymore because I know that change is inevitable. I also know that I can survive it and even thrive.
Follow your heart. Damn the job and house. Everything really does work out. It's scary. My relationship is 40 minutes away from me. That's scary every step of the way. But I trust my heart now and know that it won't betray me. And every step, I have more peace and comfort.
Your are a very special person. I love you and admire you. You WILL figure this out!


My partner and I were on other sides of the world for about 6 months. You need absolute trust and faith in each other that you are faithful and you need commitment, commitment to keeping in constant contact with each other throughout the day (texts,emails, facebook etc) and making the time for each other to speak over the phone, skype etc at least once a day. It was hard, because we missed each other, but we knew we were both worth waiting for so we did.

Good luck


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