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Central NJ - Last minute bago anyone?


Hi all,

My daughter will be away this weekend so I find myself with a rare free weekend. I haven't seen any bagos in NJ for some time (used to be a regular crowd that got together frequently) so I thought I would take the initiative and see if anyone was interested for this weekend. There's not much time to debate the location or date so I'll just put this out there:

I was thinking about Saturday night, 4/11 at, say 7pm in Central NJ (near where I live, of course!)

There are two places I thought of that would be easy enough for a last minute thing. Both are within a mile of each other and are on Rte 22 in Bridgewater, very convenient to 287, 78, 202/206:

1288 US-22
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Buffalo Wild Wings
970 US-22
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Neither is gourmet food but we're here for the company, right? I think both can accommodate us without difficulty.

If you are interested, reply here.with your preference for location. We'll pick the most popular site.


I would have tried but I have a house guest this weekend (it seems to happen every time somebody comes up with a bago).  Have fun

Anyone? I know you're out there!


I've been silent, hoping I could make it, but alas I can't.  :-[

hope to see the nj people again,,,


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