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Common Widda Acronyms/Abbreviations


Below is a compilation of common Acronyms/Abbreviations you may come across in this forum:

BAG - Beyond Active Grieving
BF - Boyfriend
BIL - Brother-in-law
BOL - Brother-out-of-law
DD - Dear Daughter
DF - Dear Fiance
DGI - Don't Get It
DH - Dear Husband
DS - Dear Son
DSD - Dear Step-daughter
DSS - Dear Step-son
DW - Dear Wife
FIL - Father-in-law
FML - F*ck My Life
FOL - Father-out-of-law
FWB - Friend with Benefits
FWIW - For what it's worth
GF - Girlfriend
IRL - In Real Life
LH - Late Husband
LW - Late Wife
MIL - Mother-in-law
MOL - Mother-out-of-law
NG- New Guy/Girl
SIL - Sister-in-law
SOL - Sister-out-of-law
SOS - Survivor of Suicide
YMMV - Your Milage May Vary

For additional common abbreviations, please see the following link:


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