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Three good things

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Because we need a three good things thread, right @helen?

1) The inspection for my house went well on Saturday - it looks like things are moving forward for my home purchase! Yay me for doing this on my own  :D

2) Yay to all the wonderful folks who've worked so hard to get a new forum set up. It won't be without its humps and hiccups, but that's always the way with change, isn't it?

3) In less than two weeks, I get to travel across the pond again and spend time with some wonderful folks, and I'm just so excited to be going to the UK under happier circumstances this time.

1) Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Rich's death. It felt like it was going to be a big, scary thing. It wasn't. I didn't live the timeclock of events in my head. It was a "normal" day.

2) I've been approved for services by the Florida Division of Blind Services and hopefully will see my trainer this week. As I lose my sight, I am seeing life so much more clearly!

3) As I work here in "my" room, my new husband is in the other room grousing about his internet connection (he works from home). It is such a normal, every day sound. I love it (not that the internet is temperamental, just the simplicity of such problems!).

4) Can I cheat and do one more?  I wasn't really faithful at YWBB the last year or so. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to rekindle old friendships and make new ones here!

1. It is warm
2. It is sunny
3. It is breezy

1. Thankful for this new haven.
2. I'm blessed with health.
3. My broken heart is slowly beginning to mend.


1. I am grateful to register today in our new "home" because I was out for some time;
2. I have my 2 precious and wonderful boys who fill my heart with gladness  ;)
3. Joined a yoga group that I can go to after work and I love it!  ;D


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