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Three good things

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1. My home was filled with company, laughter, and love yesterday at our Bago.

2. I've made such dear, close friends on this journey and through this board and their kindness, support, and love was felt so strongly yesterday. I appreciate everyone who made the trip and just wish we all lived closer.

3. The reminders of the day still warm my heart and make me smile this morning. I hope the hugs hold me over until the next one.

1.  I didn't tell my boss to shove it.
2.  My kids are finally getting the grades they are capable of!  :)
3.  My teenage boy smiled at me today!

1. My youngest son will be coming home from college Friday night, and will stay through Thanksgiving.
2. This month as I near the first anniversary of her death I have been able to remember my wife with bittersweet joy and not crushing grief.
3. I have an adventure in Death Valley to look forward to.

1.  Thanksgiving Day/Dinner will be at our house this year.  Mom and MIL are assisting.
2.  Ready to celebrate 1 year anniversary with new spouse.
3.  Blended family is a blessing.( My 2 boys, my parents, my LH parents, husbands' 3 adult children, spouses' and grandchildren.  Total of 17 being thankful together and sharing Thanksgiving together.

1. I’ve gotten to the point in my widowhood where I notice i’m replacing the little self-harm things I did with little self-helping things instead.

2. I miss my dog, but I feel at peace with his death.

3. I really like the grey streaks in my long hair- kinda look like some kinda 70s frost style. Blue conditioner is amazing stuff.


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