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Three good things

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1. Took my dad out for his 65th birthday.
2. Video of the restaurant employees singing Happy Birthday to my dad, priceless.
3. 15yo built up again and broke down. I held her while we cried. The tension in the house feels lighter.

1.   the snow is melting-is winter over yet?
2.   the sun is coming out tomorrow
3.   we have a new board-I was not quite ready to leave you all yet


1) It's finally warming up in Atlanta - the dog and I are both ready for springtime and longer walks outside!

2) The seller has agreed to the repairs I requested on the house and I managed to find reasonably-priced homeowner's insurance - things are progressing on this house purchase stuff (exciting but so stressful at the same time!).

3) I have book club tonight and the book we read was set in Maine and has me feeling nostalgic in a good way.


* I saw the moon this morning!
* My coworker sent me an NPR playlist this morning, and I actually like some of the music on it.
* Getting to catch up with Sphoc this morning in chat
3 good things down, and it isn't even 9 am. :)

1) I have the next week off from work
2) I have booked a 4 day holiday to Sydney for late April
3) A new kebab shop has opened where I live and I demolished one for the first time in nearly a year

It's a good day :)


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