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Thanks for the welcome Maureen.

My husband had a heart transplant at the age of 24 20 years ago  at the Cleveland Clinic and started having health issues this past spring with arrithymias and urosepsis from a complication from a kidney stone. 

He was admitted on 11/15 and his kidneys started to shut down as he was retaining fluid. He went into cardiac arrest in the ICU and passed away on 11/25.  We have a 16 year old that Mike adopted from my first marriage and a son that is 9 that was very close.  The last few days leading up to Mike's death were hard as he was at the Cleveland Clinic but myself and the kids were at home 4 hours away :'(.

Hello , I am another from the old board and haven't been back in quite awhile.  I'm so glad that this site continued; I dont think i would have survived the first two years without all the love and support I found here.  It will be six years on January 4th, and I still struggle with the holiday season. 

I'm glad to see some old friends here; our emails and phone calls were often the only life jacket I had.  For the newly widowed; visit often and even if you dont post you will find such amazing support reading posts from others who are still reeling from the shock and pain of their loss; but know you will always be welcomed and supported by all of us here.


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