Author Topic: We Really Don't Belong Anywhere...Is That Good or Not?  (Read 14 times)


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I am a long way out, but still reeling somtimes, and I come to read.  Occasionally, I feel a connection, but mostly, I realise how we just don't fit in anywhere.  At all.  It's odd. We weren't married, but we were a few weeks I'm not a widow.  I was pregnant, but we didn't know at the we never talked about anything related.  The two worlds are so far apart, though we thought about it and planned for it, so I was half in one world and half in another?  I read posts about what life was like as a family before and what it's like after...and I can't relate.  I never had them at the same time.  I have no idea what it is like to be able to ask someone else to get up in the middle of the night because you are too tired, or what it is like to be able to talk about what we were both like as take a walk when you just need a few minutes to collect your thoughts.  I avoid weekend activities in town, because they are mostly for families, and that just feels odd.  My little guy is struggling a bit, with his place in life, like I am, I guess.  He's doing well.  We are making a place that feels okay.  But it is an odd place to be,  I think.  We make the most of it.  It would be nice to feel a connection to a community a bit more than we do, but I don't know that that is possible.  Probably why I'm still here at almost ten years.  But we still try.  And that is worth something.  And there is always tomorrow and life may feel differently... Just some thoughts that need to be out there and not in my need for response...