Author Topic: Working single parents w/young children  (Read 2844 times)


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Re: Working single parents w/young children
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Feeling guilty is a part of parenting. It just goes along with it. Dads seem to deal with it much better than moms. Not sure why... In the end, we do the best we can for our kids and that means taking care of ourselves first, sometimes.
I am currently back in school. I have a masters degree but want a promotion so that I can offer a better life for myself. Some guilt but I'm sure my kid will be ok. She will be grown and gone in 2 years and it will be me. I hope I can land the dream job! It's a tough balance but I have a feeling my late husband is very proud of me! I'm doing it!


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Re: Working single parents w/young children
« Reply #16 on: January 12, 2018, 03:28:42 PM »
I subscribe to the "Tiny Buddha" newsletter and this article came in the email newsletter today.  It's title: "The Betrayal of Expectations - Coping When Life Doesn't Go as Planned" didn't initially make me think "widowed story" ... but not too many sentences in and I knew what was coming.

I'm going to post the link here under this "working single parents w/ young children" thread because the reflection essay is very relevant for those who have been widowed quite young left to raise very young children, but the themes are universal for us all:

If the thoughts expressed help anyone to feel less alone and give perspective and a life line of light ahead, that is helpful, I hope.

Warm wishes, friends.