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Grief in Visual Arts


For some of us, there is healing to be found in the visual arts - just as in music, literature, etc. I thought I would start off this thread with slideshow (and narration) that I came across this morning. It is Andrea Bayer, curator of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, discussing art and grieving the death of her parents:


I had posted this photo essay a few months ago on YWBB. Photographer Marc Davidson created photo sculptures in remembrance of his wife Sylvia, who lost her battle with depression.

I remember viewing this essay on my lunch break when it was first published, and being so moved that I viewed it again with DW when I got home from work that evening.

Marc Davidson - Saudade

Reposting from YWBB:

This is a group of stunning photographs by Sarah Treanor, who lost her fianc? in a helicopter crash in 2012. She documented the psychological journey of grief, and if you have time, you may wish to check them out here:


Sarah has an Etsy shop called "Seven Shooting Stars" (I do not know Sarah personally).


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