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Prenup or Not ?

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Second relationship - do you prenup?  It is so loaded emotionally but feels so right practically.

I am no where near remarriage or moving in together but we have already had this conversation.  I would get a prenup to protect what should go to my kids from their father and I would expect he would do the the same.  New guy is fine with this.  I think having those tough conversations about finances before joining lives is important. 

I'm probably in a different stage of my life then most of you all - I'm 29, no mortgage, no kids - so for Fiance and I the answer is no.   

We talked about it...but in the long run we didn't do a pre-nup.  We didn't have kids, and that may have had an impact on things.  We combined assets and re-wrote wills.  I don't want to sound morbid, but it really helped to simplify dealing with all of the legal crap after his subsequent death.  Do what you need to do for your own situation, but my advice is to get your affairs in order somehow.


I would do a prenup if you have assets and children. It may be uncomfortable to discuss but should anything go wrong, you will be glad you have it. Divorces get ugly. They are emotionally draining and legal fees are expensive. A marriage is a legal relationship. I have seen quite a number of my clients get divorced. The only ones who made out well were the attorneys. It's unfortunate but it is the reality. I vote for prenup.
Eileen (who will probably never marry again because it is too complicated! LOL)


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