Author Topic: Let myself have my bad day and....  (Read 796 times)


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Let myself have my bad day and....
« on: April 16, 2015, 11:23:53 AM »
This morning I feel better :D  Thank you to everyone who posted on that thread.  I had my bad day, watched a few movies, vented to a few friends, hung out in chat and just didn't do a darn thing.  This morning I woke up early got a few things done, made a dinner date with a close friend for this weekend and the realtor stopped by.  During our conversation he said that there is already a couple that wants to see the house.  They want to see it now but he convinced them to wait a week so we have a chance to get it pretty.  They agreed to wait but only if he agreed not to show it to anyone else.

Now I realize that the odds of them purchasing the house is low, but the idea that someone is that impatient to see it is just the kind of silver lining I needed this week.  Im going to treat myself to a movie with my free movie ticket and then just keep moving boxes to the garage.  Every little bit I can move up to the garage will help in the long run. 

I also made up a plan for the time I have to be here at the house while it sells.  So letting myself have the bad day was way more productive than fighting it.  :D 


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Re: Let myself have my bad day and....
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 12:49:00 PM »
I think its important to let yourself have a bad day and do just what you did. A few weeks ago I spent the whole day watching stupid romantic comedies I started feeling a bit guilty around the third one but then thought hey I just need it and enjoyed "Bridemaids" (probably it was for the 3rd time) Sometimes you just need down time.

Nothing sells a house like being super clean and decluttered. People look in ovens, refrigerators, and closets. Its too bad we all live so far apart. It would be nice to have a widow posse bus to show up for people that were moving or needed to get their house in shape to sell or needed help after surgery.