Author Topic: it just got all weird.... monday rant  (Read 1603 times)


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it just got all weird.... monday rant
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:37:41 AM »
since that day I don't really like family functions... in fact, I fucking HATE them. all I can think of at them is just yelling at people. I have a step brother who I do care for, but he is the laziest piece of shit. he is 23 years old... still lives with my dad... just graduated college with some degree that I interpret as worthless for finding a job that will pay back 5 years of college anytime this millennium, I told my dad and step mom, when he turned 16, MAKE HIM GO GET A JOB... washing dishes, bagging groceries... SOMETHING to learn how to burn values into his daily life... but no, he was a helicopter kid and my advice was overlooked.... so, all thru highschool, no job, all thru college only job was working in the deans office filing papers (not a real job), graduated college, got a job in a call center making ten dollars an hour and bragged about it.. I told him I knew tons of people that worked there in college and quit when they graduated and found better jobs... well 4 months later and after of oh, "I'm so successful and they are promoting me at the call center" he no longer works there... and he sits at home during the day and sleeps, and plays video games all night long claiming he has narcolepsy and can't stay awake during the day...

this one I feel bad about... my sister. love her to death, she has done so much to help...
she asked to borrow DW car since I really was not driving it. after 3 months of this she offers to buy it, I show her whats its worth, and what the sites say its worth, and I tell her id sell it for just about half of its worth, she can goto the bank, take out a personal or an auto loan easily because the car is worth more than she needs to borrow I would guess. she says she can't do that she has exhausted her credit... meanwhile her husband is all talking about going to get a new Toyota tundra, then a new chevy Colorado... she came up with a plan to pay me like 50 dollars a week, and have it direct deposited into my acct. I declined and said I can't do that, what if you get into an accident then I'm stuck with a paperweight because you aren't gonna pay full agreed price for a car you can't drive. so I said one lump payment is the only way I can go. I don't want people oweing me things... she called me over the weekend and said she will be returning the suv because her husband bought a new chevy Colorado over the weekend... which is a win-win for everyone. but my question is, if people are struggling financially, why go out and buy a brand new truck... why not a truck that was 3-4 years with an extended warranty... I just don't get it... but my point is I joked to my sister last month that I wanted to buy a hot tub which I can afford, and she got all pissed about how I should not buy things like that, but they go buy a brand new truck...
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Re: it just got all weird.... monday rant
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2015, 02:02:00 PM »
Aw, Mark... I'm so sorry. I have similar ongoing issues with my mom and sister-- I'll spare you my rant, but I could let lose a torrent! Hugs to you.
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Re: it just got all weird.... monday rant
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Way to stand your ground Mark.  I just don't get people sometime.
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Re: it just got all weird.... monday rant
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2015, 10:43:50 PM »
Everyone has different priorities. You made the right decision with your SUV. My dad has loaned out money to family since my mom passed away and it hasn't worked out well for him. Funny, he's been trying to give me money. He wants to help me and my daughters. I told him I wouldn't ask until I felt I really needed it. I would get rid of all of our extras before I borrowed money from anyone. None of the family members that borrowed from him gave up their extras. (cable, Netflix, or cell phones, alcohol, cigarettes)

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