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Has anybody's kids have to have ear tubes put in? DD has had several ear infections (they've basically been infected for the past two months) and she's seeing a specialist on Saturday. The whole idea of the procedure scares me (especially her going under) but I'm just as scared about her constantly getting antibiotics. The current round is doing a number on her tummy.

My son is on his 3rd set of tubes and they have made a world of difference!  He had his first in kindergarten, second set in 2nd grade, and third set last summer. (Most kids do not need them this long, but he does). The procedure is fast and they are not in any pain afterwards. He has not had 1 infection since kindergarten, whereas before he had them all the time.  I know it is nerve racking, hugs to you mama:)

I remember a lot of my friends had these growing up. It was so common. I'm pretty sure they fall out when they get older. If I was told my son needed them, I would be fine with it. (As long as I made sure the doctors involved are reputable)

Yep - Son's #2 and #4 had ear tubes put in after multiple ear infections. The antibiotics didn't take care of the infections at all - they drank Amoxicillin like it was soda.

After the tubes, no more infections and happy boys! (and Dad).

Tubes were a godsend!!

1st son...chronic ear infections...starting at 2 months to 14 months. He got tubes put in very young-Had them for about 18 months.

2nd son-Chronic ear infections a little later (around age 2) Had tubes at age 3 1/2. Has them for 2 years.

Neither son has had ear infections since.

Daughter never had them.

Also--None of my kids were breasted and none of them were in a home with cigarette smoke. I used to get so aggravated when people would ask if I smoked around them (I don't smoke period). The specialist told me it had more to do with genetics and an immature estaschian tubes than anything else (I had tubes as a child...my Dad had ear problems his whole life-He's 80 now and on his sixth set of tubes)


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