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Ghost Adventures
« on: April 26, 2015, 08:40:35 AM »
I have been the show Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel lately, and while the show is very entertaining, I wonder about the EVPs - recording the spirit's voice during a session.  I've spoken to DH at home and sometimes get a response in the form something moving or turning itself on.  I have also seen a ball of light on my bedroom wall and have heard footsteps from time to time.  Do you think that our deceased loves ones try to communicate with us? I remember about 8 months after DH's death, I was cleaning out his man cave.  I had just gotten started when I heard knocks on the wall and noticed the hamper outside the room had moved on its own.  The knocking and moving stopped when I left the room.
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Re: Ghost Adventures
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My husband liked that show. I teased him all the time. We would watch it and I would say.. ssshhh ssssshhhh, did you hear that?  - Because that is all they said, every episode. They never really caught anything on tape. All the balls of light or dust specks, or the evps that they made sound like it said something, could actually sound like anything you want them to. I think if you believe, and you want to see or hear things you will.