Author Topic: Doing Things In Your Spouse's Memory?  (Read 5498 times)


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Re: Doing Things In Your Spouse's Memory?
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Have you done anything in your spouse's memory? Something you wouldn't have normally done?

Catherine and I met as members of a local inline skating club.  She volunteered for an entry-level bike path event, and I organized a more advanced event on city streets.  We married about 10 years ago.  She stopped skating after her first cancer surgery.  She passed away nearly 11 months ago.

I was having lunch with a friend sometime back in February.  He mentioned that the club needed new members, and that Catherine's event disappeared a few years ago for lack of volunteer support.  He really wanted to get the bike path up an running again to get new members into the club.

I volunteered then and there to host Catherine's old event, and I've been doing that for a month now.  It's not at all challenging for me, but I'm glad to do it in her memory.  Many other club members, who attended both our wedding and her funeral, recognize why I'm doing this without explanation.  It makes me happy when they show up and share stories about Catherine.

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Re: Doing Things In Your Spouse's Memory?
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I donated whole blood for the first time on his birthday. He received a lot of blood and platelets during his treatments and I promised him that I would donate because he wouldn't be able to. I plan on donating a few more times this year, including platelets.

There is a plaque in front of the police department honoring him and his years of service.

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Re: Doing Things In Your Spouse's Memory?
« Reply #17 on: June 07, 2015, 12:47:30 PM »
I just signed up to support a local foundation that will guarantee all children in my town have the financial ability to attend higher education. I am going to create a scholarship in Scott's name. Scott loved learning and enjoyed himself immensely whether it was traffic school or grad school. He also believed all children, regardless of their family's finances, should have the opportunity to go to college. I am excited about creating something like that for him. It means I can't afford a little teardrop trailer this year, but whatever. I'm just so excited about doing this for him.


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Re: Doing Things In Your Spouse's Memory?
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Dahlia, that is so beautiful.  What a wonderful tribute to your Scott, and his memory, and to your life together.
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