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The future
« on: May 03, 2015, 06:16:01 PM »
So things are going really good. Dating since August , we have gotten to the point of seeing each other a lot. Mixed activities with kids involved. Family and friends have started meeting each of us. He has for the last few weeks , keeps bringing up know in a few months I really want us to discuss moving in together , or he will say , you know at some point it will be 6 kids, 4 dogs and 2 adults.. I change the subject.. He's even comented on that. Told him, I don't plan too much anymore , I'm enjoying him and his kids.. And very excited to see where this leads us.
I also have said , I don't want to pull my kids from school . Ones a junior, one a freshman . Of course he had a solution for that.. Lol . Who knows what the future holds. I'm enjoying the ride with him right now.
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Re: The future
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It sounds wonderful and scary at the same time.  I hope it keeps going at a speed you are both comfortable with! 
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Re: The future
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Love reading posts like this. So happy to hear things are going well and you two are enjoying your time together. Better than worrying about the future...even though hard not to sometimes. But seems like you two are on the same page...lovely.


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Re: The future
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Sounds great. It is hard when they are in rapid fast forward. My husband started that talk around that same time. I kept trying to do the one day at a time thing. In the long run, we were engaged at a year and three months, married at a year and eight months. We've been married for ten months.  I didn't start seeing him until almost three years out, although he had asked earlier.

I had the school issue, too. We sold both of our homes and bought one in our kids' district. It all worked out. I would've been okay with just dating another year or two, not because I wasn't ready, but because it's hard work, especially with kids, and I was so nervous every time he talked future like that. I still remember talking about getting an iPhone at my next upgrade so we'd have an easier time texting at night. His response was that by that upgrade time, it wouldn't be necessary as we'd be under the same roof at night. I almost had an anxiety attack right there, LOL.

I wish you tons of luck and love.