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Mother's Day relief
« on: May 07, 2015, 06:22:51 AM »
Since her dad passed, my beautiful, bald headed daughter has taken on the responsibility of worrying about my birthday gifts, my Christmas gifts, Valentine's, and Mothers Day. I have 2 older, married sons who have to divide their attention between their young wives, their MILs and me. (I remember those days.) my daughter gets very stressed each holiday because she doesn't want me to be hurt.
I've been seeing my current boyfriend since January. (Yes, still butterflies and a little more.) last weekend, he asked if he could come over on Mother's Day and cook for me. Said he wanted to do something special for me because it is Mother's Day. I feel extremely grateful that the pressure is taken off my young girl to make me happy. It really was hard for her. Now, she can just be the teen who forgets or slides by minimally on special days. There is nothing worse than watching your child try to step in and fill an adult role.
He doesn't know what he is doing for our dynamics. He doesn't know the relief I feel and how happy I was to share with my daughter that he will do something for me for Mothers Day. So simple, yet so powerful...  Thanking God for this man.