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Yes, Portside.  A father being thrown into the only parent role has to be difficult.  No doubt about it.

But moms have always struggled with working or not working and now being the only parent adds.  Just is.  Probably not a lot of books written for dads on the choice to stay at home or not.  Or tv segments on balancing home and work and kids for dads. 

But Yes, all of this is difficult.  Not intended to get into a debate about sexism. 

Hoping to help the poster of the topic, Katelsam,


--- Quote from: Portside on January 26, 2018, 07:17:48 AM ---

Best wishes- Mike

p. s. - for those that knew Kate, I'm still in contact with her. She has finished college, has a job she loves and is raising her children to be fine, happy little people. All with a beautiful smile and a positive outlook.

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Hi Mike,

Please tell Kate hello from me. She may not know or remember me. I was always impressed with her can do attitude. I remember her early posts. My heart went out to her. A young widow with two little ones and one on the way.

She handled spousal loss early on better than I do now. I wish her and her children every happiness.


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