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Hello again!
« on: March 09, 2015, 06:29:40 PM »
I've been away from YWBB for awhile, since October 2013.  I'm sorry to have been so long and was sad to learn of YWBB's demise. 

However, I went  back to school for medical coding and billing and graduated in December 2014.  I also went through ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) training with my son, Jack, who has autism. Last month, I got a new job with a local facility that provides services (educational, therapeutic, psychiatric) to people on the Autism spectrum. I finally have a job that uses both of my college degrees!!

What have the rest of y'all been doing?  I was widowed in January 2011.  I hope that all of my YWBB friends are doing well.

Thank you AndysCandy for letting me know about the new site!!!! :D :) ;)
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Re: Hello again!
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Hello! Glad you are here and things are falling in place.
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Re: Hello again!
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rooshy, Congratulations on your Graduation!  Way to keep going and such a great thing for your son to do training with you!

I was widowed in September 2009.  I miss my YWBB friends tremendously, I allowed different circumstances to take me away from my past, some in my life do not believe in "not getting over it"...

Time to stop letting them control me :)  I am proud of your accomplishments!!
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Re: Hello again!
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ROOSHY!!!!  YAY!  Much as I hate how I know ya, I have missed ya woman!  I really hope we have a chance to catch up once the dust settles and we are all into a routine here in the new digs. Great to hear how things are going - proud of ya, woman!  I doubt you would recall, but I used to do ABA/autism work. Challenging but rewarding stuff. So happy to see your "face". So happy to see so many old familiar faces, be it just briefly or kinda regular-ish.
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Re: Hello again!
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Congratulations on your new job!
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