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Quick question
« on: May 10, 2015, 05:12:51 PM »
Is this section for discussing spouses who died because of suicide, addiction, mental illness etc., or is it also somewhere that surviving spouses can discuss their own experiences with suicide, addiction, and mental illness because of what happened?

Don't want to intrude on what would obviously be a very personal space for those who lost someone because of these unique issues, but struggling to find a place to discuss how the loss of my spouse triggered all three in myself.


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Re: Quick question
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Sorry for your loss and that you are dealing with the problems you describe.

The purpose of this section is to discuss issues of importance to members who had a seriously mentally ill, abusive or unfaithful spouse (or fiance, significant other, partner, etc.), or who lost them through suicide, alcohol/drug addiction or other such means, and who may consequently feel some form of shame, stigma or complicated grief.

Members who wish to discuss problems they are personally having with drug or alcohol abuse or with suicidal thinking often bring these up in the timeframe section they are currently in. And as a result, they generally find that many others here too have had similar such experiences.

Thank you for your sensitivity in asking about this before posting here. Please feel free to share in the newly widowed section any thoughts and experiences you wish along these lines. Not only might this be of help to you, but to some others here as well.

--- WifeLess
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