Author Topic: To those trying to get their houses back in order  (Read 892 times)


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To those trying to get their houses back in order
« on: May 11, 2015, 08:47:26 AM »
Seems to be a common theme,  either the house got out of control in widowhood or a switch went on in our brains to simplify or both.  Here is something that I found to be very useful:

Take a notebook and go through the house room by room.  At the top of the page write down what that rooms purpose is....I don't mean what it's standard usual purpose is but what your intention and purpose is for the room.  So for instance it may look like this:

Entertaining,  watching T.V., taking naps on couch, reading, doing yoga, listening to music.

Now look around the room,  is it set up well for those events?  What is in the room that does not serve any purpose to those?  Remove anything that does not support the purpose(s) of the room.

Now look around the room again.  Do you have everything you need to fulfill your intentions for the room?
Is there plenty of seating, or extra seating that can be brought in from dining room when entertaining?  Are there places for people to set food and/or drinks?
Is there a comfortable spot to watch T.V., is your stereo system in place and set up well for good listening?
Do you have plenty of throws, quilts and pillows to sink into for a nap?  They can be stored in an armoire or nearby closet but keep them close and designated just for that purpose.
Is there adequate lighting for reading?
Whare do you keep your yoga mat?  Again keep one handy in a nearby space.

Now write down everything you need to do to get the room into that order.  There may be some unfinished projects in the room, like a piece of trim that needs to be painted or a light fixture you have wanted to change.   It may be that you need to get rid of some things that don't belong in serving your purpose and then get others that do...and then go through the list and cross off as you make your way toward the purposeful room. 

I have found this to be one of my best tricks when clearing out spaces and simplifying.  Hope this hint and example helps!
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Re: To those trying to get their houses back in order
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I did something similiar and it has been helpful. I went room by room and wrote down what needed to be done (organizing, decluttering, rearranging, projects), and what needed to be purchased.

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