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I posted this at 7 months. I still have much to do around the house. It was nice to cook for some people over the last couple of days and to have them over.

It?s not so bad being here at home by myself as compared to some other places. Of course I miss Cindy and I am on an emotional roller coaster on a regular basis. The 15th = 7 months. I haven?t changed very much around the house. I have taken a couple of pieces of art down and have moved some around.
I do like to get out of the house. I know I have so much ?work? to do. Emotional work that is. This totally unknown journey that I am on, trying to do the best that I can do. Not quite sure what that means or what it entails. When I get out of the house, I do tend to escape some of that.
Cindy and I always enjoyed hosting dinners and other celebrations at our house. This started very early on. Elaborate birthday parties (all homemade). Fun dinner parties, you name it... We did it on a pretty regular basis.
My son turned 19 this week. He?s the youngest of my two children. We had a birthday dinner for him tonight at the house. Nice to have some life in the house again. I made tacos. That?s what my son and daughter want for their birthday dinners. I won?t go into details right now, but I guarantee you that if you tried them, you would agree that they are the best tacos that you have ever had.
I?m glad to have some life in the house again. Cindy would be/is glad to see a house full of people.

I think you need to share your taco recipe. :)

My daughters and I have made little changes around the house. I would like to tackle larger projects as I can work them into our budget. It has helped us move forward (I suppose.) We always liked to entertain too. I continued to do the same this past year to keep things as normal as possible for my daughters. Keeping with our traditions made all of the holidays and special days bearable.


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