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Unique and Devastating Loss

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Great essay...

Since "Letter To A Friend" was just reposted for newer members, perhaps there would be value in bumping this up as well.

Since the Holiday Season is often a time for memories and reflection, bumping this thread up as a reminder of how much is lost when we are widowed.

This describes so many of my feelings perfectly.  At this point (almost 4 months out), I don't want to be a part of anything where people don't know me as part of the couple I was with my husband....even if they didn't know him, they knew I was a wife and half of a couple.   At my jobs, few have met my husband, yet they heard me talk about him.  I am not ready to move onto a job where people will meet me as a widow, as single, not as half of a couple.   I am still married in my mind and heart and feel I will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Today marks exactly 7 years since my wife's tragic death. To commemorate this sad day, I am bumping this thread up for all who have suffered their own unique and devastating loss.


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