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Ladies with no children- what are you going to do or have you done with your wedding dress if you kept it from your wedding? I kept mine because the plans were to have kids, but now I just don't know what to do with it. I have been considering donating it, but I just don't know. Anyone make any dress decisions?

Jess...I still have mine from my first wedding, and I never planned to have kids.  For my second wedding in Hawaii, I wore a Hawaiian dress and John wore a matching shirt.  I've got them put away, too.  It's the memories I can't seem to part with.

Maybe some day, I'll be able to let go of them.  Donating the dress sounds like a lovely idea, especially to an organization who will see that it gets to someone who can't afford to have a nice dress.


I sold mine. I don't have kids either, and I knew I didn't want to wear it again. I have pictures, so I didn't feel the need to keep the dress hanging in my closet. I'm trying to be of the mindset that "it's just stuff" and not hold on to so many things, though, and I know that isn't right for everyone.

such a good question , mine is still at my Mom's house but I should go and get it
its a simple short white dress , married in the backyard very casual
so not really in the same category as wedding dress
maybe a local church might know of a place that you could donate to

That's a really good question, and one that until you brought it up I had never thought of.

Mine is kind of a family heirloom - I actually wore my mother's gown (can you tell we're related?  :P), and I imagine had Tim and I had a daughter I would have wanted to pass it along to her as well.  Right now it's at my parents' house, still boxed up from how we got in back from the cleaners 6 years ago. 

I don't honestly see myself ever getting to a place where I could part with it because of the sentimental value it holds from BOTH of our weddings.  Plus, it was a gift from my mother.  One that I'm sure I'll be grateful to have once she's gone too.  So I'm guessing I'll likely hold on to it forever, probably keeping it with my parents until they sell their house, at which point I'll hopefully have a house of my own in which to tuck it away for safe keeping.  Who knows, I might still have a daughter, and they might end up wanting to use their Nana's dress one day.  The dress I've picked as the likely one for my wedding next summer will be short and summery and more casual - the one from my mother is much fancier and far more ornate. 


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