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--- Quote from: JeanGenie on March 18, 2016, 06:54:47 PM ---. . .  maybe it can be used to make a Baptism gown for my imaginary grandchildren! 

--- End quote ---

That's a great idea!

I donated my late wife's gown to a bridal shop whose owner promised to give it to someone that needed it and couldn't afford it. I paid her $50 for her trouble.


My dress hangs in the closet next to the suit my husband wore on our wedding day. It's a simple white lace dress that I got at Dress Barn for $60 (in 1996). We got married in Bermuda on a cliff overlooking the ocean- so I did not need anything elaborate. Even got to wear it twice since we had our wedding reception a week later when we returned from getting married/having our honeymoon.

..not sure what I will do going forward, but for now, I like that they are hanging out together ;-D

Update: Last week I threw my dress away. I couldn't find a good way to send it off, and didn't feel right about donating it for another woman to wear. I also threw away the clothes from the morgue at the same time, and a part of me misses those things, and another is happy to have one less reminder of pain.


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