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New Song
« on: June 02, 2015, 07:44:26 AM »
I wrote her a song. I think I started to write it about two or three months after she passed. I took some of the words that were going round and round in my mind, I began to find the melody and then the harmony. Something needed to get out into the world, something new, something that represented her. I would play her some when I felt I needed calming, and sometimes it is like I feel her gentleness somewhere in the harmony. The song feels like some bridge from the world she lived in to the world without her. It also is a secret, I can play it in front of people and they don't know it is a song for her. They don't know the heartbreaking lyrics. But, they can be with me, and the emotion can be shared.

When I play it alone, I let myself be reminded of the strength she gave me, and I can feel the hurt in a way that is hard to reach verbally. It is far better than the wailing I used to do when alone in the house.

Is part of grief finding a way to move forward while including what you left behind?

How do you write a new song?
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Re: New Song
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Is part of grief finding a way to move forward while including what you left behind?

I'm really hoping so, Charlie. I am stubbornly refusing to let my husband behind, but instead to find a way to carry him with me while creating a new life. I think it is possible. I've just got to keep fine tuning as I go.

It is great that you've been able to pour your feelings into a song that is giving you an outlet for your grief.

Hugs to you...
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Re: New Song
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What a great way to express your feelings for your wife. Music is powerful.


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