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Once again, ladies and gentlemen... the F*** YOU thread

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--- Quote from: JustJen ---Fuck the cold and heartless way we were cut loose without warning. But humongous hugs to everyone who found our new home-- and especially to Jezzy and Justin for putting it together so quickly and beautifully!
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--- Quote from: Michael 797 ---Testing, testing... fuck one, fuck two - fuck me, fuck you....

Let's see if the smileys are working.   :D

Well, fuck being abandoned - but I coulda said that eight months ago. You never get used to it, but it seems that - with the right friends - you can deal. So there's that.
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--- Quote from: widowat33 ---Lol, I was gonna say the same. Fuck the way we came together to share in our sadness, happiness and everything in between only to have it taken away. But now I'm happy once again, that we have this new place, and thankful to those who put it together so quickly!
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--- Quote from: Stargazer74 ---Fuck Yeah! Fuck that the other board died suddenly, like my wife. Not fucking traumatizing in the least. But hey, I'm liking the new board and even have figured out that even though we can't post new stuff on the old board, we can EDIT our old posts, so we can spread the word that way.
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--- Quote from: Gracelet ---Fuck that new wids aren't easily going to be able to find a resource to help them. Fuck that I lose all my old posts.
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--- Quote from: JaseBlade ---Fuck the inquest I have to go to on Wednesday! And fuck the press that will be there- they have already caused enough grief for myself and my family, why should they be allowed there?!
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--- Quote from: JacklessSally ---Fuck starting over.
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--- Quote from: Mangomom ---Hey, how come you guys get this thread?  ;) I hope you don't mind a 2.5 year wid stopping by to let it fly occasionally!
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Editorial comment: there is no time limit on grief or this thread. Everyone is welcome, any time, any reason!

--- Quote from: lcoxwell ---I am not one to drop the "f bomb", nor do I even use the word, but it was an absolute favorite of my Kenneth's, and the last time I ever got to hear him say it was one year ago today.
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Fuck those who say they will be there for you, and to ask them for anything... then you never hear from then again.

Fuck social situations when someone says something dumb then they realize what they said was not appropriate.

Fuck people who think you can flip a switch and go back to being normal.

Fuck people who think they can help you by making you rush and get rid of stuff you have a reason to hold onto and they dont get it.

I think I'm going to like it here.

Haha!! So glad this made it over here!!

Is there a possibility of moving this into General?  I still like saying FUCK even though I'm outside the 6-12 months category ;-) 

Not a problem if you can't.  I'll just invade anyway.

FUCK that my widow bestie has been upset by her in laws.  She deserves to be left to grieve in peace.


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