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Once again, ladies and gentlemen... the F*** YOU thread

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Fuck you sil and stepdaughter that think I shouldn't have any issues bringing NG to Christmas with DH's family (them). Its hard enough for me to attend with the kids, we can't have NG there too, it just messes with my emotional state. Its great that you adore NG and think DH would be happy for me, but honestly I don't really give a shit what you think.

F*** the dipshitz at the bar that think they can just grope women and say awful things and they're just supposed to giggle and twirl their hair and be okay with it. And f*** my so called friends thatthink I should tolerate it and not take it so seriously or I'll never find someone else. Fuck that. If my late husband saw half the s*** these guys were pulling he'd knock their damn teeth out.

Captains wife:
Fuck that when you feel you have taken some positive steps forward, idiots in this world have to swoop in and drag you back down.

Fuck the sadiverary that is coming up at the end of the month.  Rocks me every year even though this will be the 4th one......

FUCK, that its been 6 months and I still feel death would be a release for this hell called “life”!

FUCK my cooking is shit (well I’m sure that’s what my kids think 😊 but don’t say)!

FUCK that that in 3 weeks I will be Celebrating (hmmm maybe suffering is a better word) my 21st Wedding anniversary alone, or maybe it should be FUCK I’ll be spending my first Wedding anniversary alone!!

FUCK I miss my Darling wife and daughter! :'(

Just FUCK everything!!! 
FUCK this week….

Hmmm...I could post here forever!


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