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Once again, ladies and gentlemen... the F*** YOU thread

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Friday would have been our 10th wedding anniversary.

Local relatives and supportive peeps are already questioning why I am not "over it" and I just want to pack a bag and bail.

Ef  the few people that still feel the need to "correct" my grief if  it doesn't  jibe with their vision for me. An inlaw was here visiting with other family over the weekend. Tomorrow is the five year date of losing D in that stupid mindless 100% preventable accident. While the two of us were alone in the kitchen having coffee Saturday morning, he brought up D, and eventually the conversation led to questions about how the kids and I and are coping at this point. I briefly expressed my thoughts the best  I could and my feelings at this point, being rawly honest with my mental state in terms of the gains I think have made as well as the setbacks in the brutal process of moving forward through this horrendous loss.

I guess I should have just said it was all fine and we were doing great, because when I expressed my feelings, I was met with , "Well, no....blah blah blah blah....moving on.....leaving the past in the past.....blah blah blah... what D would want....blah blah blah.... what is best for the kids....blah blah blah......and BLAH

Ok then, thank you for setting me straight with MY feelings.

Kj, I can't STAND when they do that. It's like they're trying to give logical financial advice. And it's so disarming because of the place it puts us; there's not chance to tell them how wrong they are. I'm sorry.

Fuck you Facebook ...really
I got through Don's birthday then ten days later the date of his death
Then BOOM, Facebook reminds me three years ago today was his funeral
Sigh ...I just wish this was easier for all of us 

Fuck the bureaucratic dipshitz that I've had to deal with. Screw the insurance company that only now finalized my husband's Insurance over a year later because of the documents they were missing. Fuck the coroner for haulting all of the documents because they kept going through employees like tap water. On top of that they wanted to take it to a  review board so they could review possible safety measures to put in place in the future do other's don't meet my husband's fate. Important to do but Fuck them for refusing to release the documents that the insurance company would need that would not be impacted by the review process because bureaucracy dictates it to be so. Telling me it was going to take another year and I had to cry in the middle of a waiting room begging through a glass window just to get them to come to their senses that they were delaying my ability to start closing doors and moving forward with my life. Fuck your red tape and beurocracy at the expense of my humanity and suffering!


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