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Once again, ladies and gentlemen... the F*** YOU thread

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Fuck my religion co- teacher for high school small groups - my daughter is in our small group and I cut DD off midsentence because she was about to embark on her "God doesn't really care about your inconsequential crap and isn't going to answer your prayers about it" rant (I've heard it dozens of times so it's easy for me to see her getting ready for it) and that wasn't going to be productive for the rest of the group. Later I apologized to my co - teacher and told her why I did it - that Marie was about to go off on that rant, which is a sticking point for her and faith since her father died because so many people prayed that he'd get better and he died anyways... and co - teacher looks me in the eye and says "but that was awhile ago, why is she still upset by it? "  I was so flabbergasted that I couldn't even reply.  In hindsight there's so many things I wish I had said, but at that moment I was struck speechless. But fuck her for thinking that a 15 year old should no longer have issues with prayer because of her father's death, that she prayed fervently to delay, happened 5 years prior.

Twin-mom, so freaking annoying. We were asked why don't we go to church any more and I said we are still dealing with our relationship with religion. We were a good family who volunteered and helped others often and the kids still see God as taking their father away since he wasn't even sick. It's hard to see him as merciful and holy after our experience. I know things can be hard to explain so I leave it. Bravo to you to still volunteer there where I couldn't.

This used to be my favorite thread to post in. I still have some lingering anger / abandonment issues dealing with both my husband and some friends, but I wish I didn’t and I’ve been working harder this year to resolve those feelings so I can have more peace.

Sooo...FUCK YOU useless anger and feelings of abandonment. It’s been almost 6 years. I’m tired of you showing up unexpectedly while I’m trying to go about my new life. Time to finally Go Away. Seriously. You Suck.


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