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Once again, ladies and gentlemen... the F*** YOU thread

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Fuck yet another thing to learn... oh well, gives me something to do I suppose..

I just put it where I originally found it. If the general concensus is to move it, I'm fine with that. I admit, I find it convenient... ;)

Fuck insomnia that leaves me exhausted all day. 

Fuck that my kid is hurting and I can't make it better.  I know, this would have happened even if Dad didn't die, but still... It fucking sucks.  What sucks. Most is that I don't have another adult who is equally invested to bounce ideas off of.  There, now it's about him dying.

Big ol' DITTO here, Mangomom. My littlest guy was upset and crying a few nights ago-- he sobbed, "I wish I'd never been born! Then I wouldn't have stressed out Jim, and Jim wouldn't be dead!"  :'( :'( :'(

Fuck that we can't fix the grief for our babies, or for each other, or for ourselves. :(


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