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Migrating this one over to the new board. The confessions thread was started in YWBB in 2005 by Penta with these words:

"One of the awesome things about the YWBB is that we know we can say things here that we can't say elsewhere... things we MIGHT tell our best friend, but would never say to our family. ... Anybody else need to unburden their souls, share their darkest secrets?"

Here are mine for today:
- I cannot be bothered to wash dishes so I keep using the same set of a plate, a mug, fork, knife and spoon until they are so disgusting I have to
- My diet is so crappy I'm actually starting to get worried. If I have a day off or work from home, I live on an apple (yes 1) and Protein shake combo and wonder why I feel so horrible in the evening. Plus I forget to drink water
- I have feelings for a colleague but I keep those to myself for he is married (get out of my head now please!). Good conversations though :)
- I have a walking date tonight but expect just about nothing of it. Good online conversations though again

Who's next?

This thread was a life saver for me.  It was oddly comforting to know that the "confessions" of others were actually things I had been doing and was afraid to let anyone know.  I honestly can't even remember what my confessions were, but I know I laughed and cried right along with all of them.  Thank you for resurrecting it.


* I asked a friend out to dinner, no interest there at all, just tired of going home and sitting in the dark alone
* I am back to wearing B's boxer briefs..
* I had a bowl of chex for dinner last night, I guess at least I ate something..
* I look for him in traffic.. I keep expecting to see him. I think the Idea of him leaving me is easier than dealing with the idea of him being dead..

13 months out, and I just threw away his deodorant. I kept it for the comfort of his scent, but it dried out and no longer smelled like him.

I see happy couples and wonder which one of them will die first.

I copied the above from the other thread because I still do this sometimes...


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