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Re: Brag about your kid!
« Reply #15 on: March 30, 2015, 08:17:05 PM »
When are we going back to the zoo?  Rosie needs to meet the elephant.


Oh, Rosie would love Kimba and Missy!  We *may* be there in early-mid May... Not sure yet.  I'll let you know!
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Re: Brag about your kid!
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Going to brag on my 7 year kid again!

She rode 4 hours thru the mountains one way last night...spent 3 hours at my friends visitation....had dinner late...Today she sat thru a 90 minute funeral....and my gabbing to friends afterwards..another 4 hour ride home..then sat thru a baseball game.

Her older brother could have never sat that long. I was so proud of her behavior!
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Re: Brag about your kid!
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So proud of my 18 y/o son -

He's been on his own this past year in Europe to finish up his senior year of high school.  He's graduating with honors in a tough IB program, is thrilled to be accepted to his top choice colleges and has been offered 2 scholarships.  So damn proud of him -      :) :)   
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Re: Brag about your kid!
« Reply #18 on: April 06, 2015, 08:06:00 PM »
Yes!!!! to all of our awesome offspring! 

My turn now

1.  Offspring #1 (aka Heather Elizabeth) will be 34 in August - was 20 when her dad died (they were sooo close and are soooo much alike).  She is brilliant, and has always marched to her own drummer - and is probably one of the most empowered women that could come out of a union between 2 committed feminists.  She worked for 10 years for various security companies, including 5 years with Brinks Canada - was one of their top ATM tech, qualified with 50/50 at the range EVERY time (twice a year - with a Smith & Wesson MP40 in eastern Canada and a Colt 45 in western Canada) and still has the Class 3 Drivers Licence required for the armoured cars.  She quit in 2012 - she was having problems with the glass ceiling -- wanted out of 'the barns' and into management - was thwarted at every turn.  She went back to school in 2012 and got a Marketing and Business Development diploma this past December.  She has had health issues for half of her life -- is now RIT Hypothyroid and is being treated for PCOS -- she had a major surgery in September and her right Fallopian Tube and a football sized mass was removed.   She is actively looking for work and I hope she lands something for her fabulous self soon -- she is bunked in with her brother in an arrangement that I had nothing to do with, and it is working.   

2.  Offspring #2 (aka Ian Marc) will be 25 in September - was 11 when John died.  They were buddies, but of the two - he is most like me for politics and life philosophy.  He finally finished school last May -- he did a two year polytechnic diploma program in Electrical Engieering Technology, then decided to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering - which required 2 terms of an Engineering Bridge and 3 years of University -- the 3 years included 4 co-op / internship terms.  He is working in Alberta at a company that employed me as Senior Buyer  many years ago -- he is a Junior Controls Engineer for them.  He has a cute little 2 bedroom condo rented about 5 minutes from his office, and invited his sister to share the place and help out with the domestics (he finally got it that those chores don't just happen ;) ) until she gets on her feet.  He has paid off a small Line of Credit, a small credit card debt and paid SCANDALOUS rent for the past 6 months.  Some lessons just get taught by life, and I get to stand back and watch.

I graduated both of them with no student loans - it has been like a raise in pay in 2015 for me! 

I am so proud of them both - they are decent human beings.  What more can a parent hope for?   

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Re: Brag about your kid!
« Reply #19 on: September 07, 2015, 10:42:04 PM »
Let's face it, in life, people generally do not want to hear us complain about any part of our lives, and they do not want to hear us brag about our kids. So, as a general rule, I try really hard not to brag; however, I just have to take a brief moment to brag on my youngest son, the one with social anxiety and a visual disability. First of all, he moved out about a month ago, started a job that required him to travel, and is doing well. He just got his first paycheck a few days ago. Being the parent I am, I felt the need to tell him to spend his money wisely and not blow it all, to which he promptly informed me he is not an imbecile and then detailed all the wise choices he is making. His words to me were, "I'm smart with my money."

Even more than how he is handling his money, my youngest came to me and asked me straight out why his dad (Kenneth) didn't like his birth father. It is a question I have been dreading for many years, because my youngest has a good relationship with his birth father. I really did not want to tell him how I had been attacked by his birth father, when he was a baby. I answered all of his questions, though. I also made a point of telling him that his birth father had never been violent towards me before that time or since. My son said he had suspected the things that I had told him, and that it had been bothering him for some time. He was very mature about the whole conversation and ended it by thanking me for being honest and telling him truth.

I know these things might not seem like a big deal to most parents, but my youngest has had to struggle his whole life. So, to see him stepping out into the world, and to see him conducting himself like a man, rather than a boy, is a big deal and definitely something to brag about.
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