Author Topic: My baby girl is 18 today  (Read 661 times)


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My baby girl is 18 today
« on: June 19, 2015, 07:53:05 AM »
I had such conflicting emotions this morning. I went and crawled in her bed with her and annoyingly kissed her all over her face and bounced on her bed and had her giggling and laughing. Then I went in my bathroom to get ready for work and started bawling like a baby. I just can't believe he's not here for this. 19 months later and I am STILL SO VERY PISSED!!!  At some point today I'm sure she's gonna get to thinking about her daddy ....

We're going camping at the beach this weekend on a shoestring budget, putting my camera back in the pawn shop yet again to do it, but I couldn't let this milestone go by without doing something special.  I can't believe this day is already here :(
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Re: My baby girl is 18 today
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Hugs to you and happy birthday to your daughter.