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Title: 8 monthes and has been hard
Post by: lisaj on December 03, 2015, 09:56:09 PM
It has been 8 hard months since my husband passed away.He battled cancer for 2 years and lost his battle with cancer in March.He was 64 years old and was good to me treating me right.Married for 10 years and my 37th birthday which is on Saturday is going to be different in a way.I remember him being a great step dad to my 20 year old daughter,18 and 16 year old sons.Been seeing help and the therapist I am seeing says I am doing better now.Plus his family has been helping my kids and I out and includes my family and friends.I am not going to hurt for money,my husband worked at a shop for 30 years where he retired at three years ago.I get his pension every month and it helps pay the bills.Plus he left money to my kids for their college education.Social security will be next when my youngest son turns 18,getting that.I remember his laugh and he had a strong sense of humor.Remember times I had a beer or two with him also in the front porch and it was Busch Beer all the time.He always said I am one strong woman and stubborn at times.
Title: Re: 8 monthes and has been hard
Post by: donswife on December 04, 2015, 06:55:41 AM
I am so sorry its been hard and with your birthday coming up I am sure this makes it harder
He sounded like a great man who took great care of you and your kids
My favorite times were like you ...just sitting and talking
and no one could match his sense of humor
Hope you end up with a happy birthday if possible
take care
Title: Re: 8 monthes and has been hard
Post by: lisaj on December 04, 2015, 07:02:09 AM
He took care of my kids and I very well.He was the man that would help out in a good way.There is one song that highly reminded of him by Martina McBride and it was this one,
I keep a Busch beer bottle cap near the shifter of my 2015 Dodge Challenger R/T in memory of him.My 2015 Dodge Challenger was my 36th birthday gift from him last year.Plus he loved Busch beer and I do too.Everytime we went to the bar,both bought rounds and was always a Busch Beer.