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Title: Social Security Benefits
Post by: oneoftwo on November 05, 2016, 02:10:22 PM
Please contact your own country/locality social benefit office as soon as you can and make an appointment to discuss anything that will apply to you.

Also make sure you understand when you need to contact them when things change, such as:
your kids reach age 18
you get remarried

there are many more
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: Angelalpn on July 04, 2017, 11:01:37 AM
I was told I literally had a week to contact them. The bad part is it can take months for them to get you an appointment.
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: Jennica on July 05, 2017, 03:54:24 AM
I don't know if state to state is different but I didn't call SS for about 3 or 4 months after my husband passed and was not in a hurry to go in. I just did it so my sister in law would stop hounding me. It wasn't until 6 months after he passed that I went in  to take care of it. A week sounds ridiculous. I would call and talk to them.
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: Nella on July 05, 2017, 03:57:28 PM
One reason I am told why it is important to go sooner is that they may not pay benefit retroactively. In many cases, benefits start on the day you apply so if you wait 6 months, you may have denied yourself or children six months of benefits. With that said, I have still not gone to see them personally because emotionally I am still a wreck.
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: Jennica on July 05, 2017, 04:08:58 PM
I live in Ohio so it may be different but I went in 6 months later. In one month I received the back pay and the following month the regular scheduled payments started. I understand about not going in. I wasn't going to go in but I am glad I did. My husband didn't have life insurance so the monthly payments help.
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: patswife22 on September 18, 2017, 02:10:44 PM
As my daughter was over 18 I was not able to get benefits for her.  So at that time I could only receive the $255.  Which to me is a joke.  I was widowed at age 51.  My husband had life insurance but because I could NOT find a job (so many thousands and thousands of people lost their jobs too; the recession), the insurance $$$$ went fast.  Thank God my house was paid off.  A widow friend of mine told me I could collect widow benefits at age 60.  However, I could NOT be remarried before that time.  That 8+ years was pure hell for me.  A year and a half after he passed I was in a near fatal car accident with a drunk driver.  A month later I lost my job with bennies.  Since then I've had to purchase my own health insurance including COBRA.  No choice at that time.  I applied for widow benefits one month before my 60th birthday.  Got an appointment in a few days.  I was given all my options; collect on my own or my husbands.  NOT both.  Because my late husband made more I am collecting on his.  I was also told I could work and make up to almost $16K before the SS would be deducted.  Luckily, I found a part-time job that pays pretty good (at least helps with the bills) over 2 years ago.  However, I still have to pay for my own health insurance.  Helps to work for an insurance agent.  In the last few years I've learned how I can live without things I had when my husband was still alive.  Amazingly, I found that I don't miss those things that I thought I really needed. 

Now I am looking at retiring, selling my home, buying a truck so pull the RV behind.  I'm sure if my husband was here he would have said NO WAY!!!!!!
Title: Re: Social Security Benefits
Post by: roch82 on December 01, 2017, 05:24:31 AM
I went into SS about a month after he died.. the death cert took a bit... but I received back pay up until the day he died.. I literally received my first payment the next day by direct deposit!! I didn't have an appt, but was lucky to have a claims employee there to help! If they weren't there, I would've had to come back after waiting an hour... my experience with SS was very good... and I get benefits until my children graduate, not until they are 18...