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Title: struggling .
Post by: ForeverHisx on April 16, 2017, 02:04:54 AM
Struggling to cope , Struggling with out you .

Its nearly our baby boys 2nd birthday , its nearly 7 years we have been together , its nearly a year since we lost you .

i cant cope with it all anymore , im struggling to say im broke is a understatement .

My fiance was only 26
Im 25 , and like i say our little boy is nearly two . its all such a mess a very very big mess that cant be solved or sorted out .
Title: Re: struggling .
Post by: BrokenHeart2 on April 16, 2017, 03:58:02 AM
I'm so sorry you had to join our group FEH.  Yes it is so very hard to go on without the one we love so much.  You too will make it through like we have and with a broken heart.  One day hour or minute at a time keep taking those baby steps.  Your wonderful little son needs you to and over time you will find that yes you can do this.  Be kind and gentle with yourself during this horribly difficult time, you will make it like we all have.  Big gentle hugs to you.