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  1. Hi Beryl, yes there are active members.
  2. Abitlost

    Peace for Father's Day

    bump. I watch that video every year.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. I think my NG and I pretty much feel the same way, and so it works well.
  4. Abitlost

    Teenager vs. Mom vs. Covid

    Hi RAM, It's such a tough time in so many ways, and fear lives in many. Sadly, our kids have already experienced worst-case scenario in the loss of a parent. Perhaps he is scared to lose you, too. That feeling could be paralyzing... abl
  5. Abitlost

    Facebook Memory Of My Wedding Day

    I can feel the love in that photo, Bunny. So beautiful.
  6. Abitlost

    Fear of dying

    Simon, I understand your fears. I went through a similar period, which never fully went away, but it does get bearable. Hang in there and trust in yourself. abl
  7. My boyfriend of several years and I are presently socially distanced with our respective families but we are doing okay thanks in part to FaceTime. Anyone else in a similar boat?
  8. Abitlost

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    I really feel for everyone currently in this thread. I've been in a committed relationship for several years, but we are presently socially distanced with our respective families. I imagine dating is nearly impossible at present, and that sucks.
  9. Hi, abitlost here. I was widowed by brain cancer at age 41 with two young kids. 11+ years later, here we are in lockdown. I know we can get through this, because...well...we've been through much worse. I truly feel for the wids with young kids. It was helpful for us in those days to be able to go out into a lively world and socialize with people not in our grief circle. abl
  10. I have witnessed divorced parents in competition; it's not only ugly to the new partner, but most importantly it's damaging to the kids. My estimation is that through the drama of it all what ends up happening is the kids often become masterful manipulators, mentally unstable, ill-adjusted, and/or prone to a life of their own drama. I think this is partly why people who get divorced are often products of a broken home themselves. JMO.
  11. Hi S, I echo what PaulZ wrote. I'll add that you should initiate conversation about your sister-in-law, even if you think it makes your brother sad (he already is). Avoiding the topic to me felt alienating. Validate the emptiness. I wish you all a peaceful holiday full of happy memories, abl
  12. Abitlost

    Teen daughter struggling

    Hi Hikermom, How is your daughter doing now? Did you find anything that was effective? I sure am struggling with my 16YO DS...mostly different issues than you described but I sure am worried about him.... abl
  13. Abitlost


    Hugs, SB. I totally get this. As my kids get older, DH's absence is acute at certain times, and always present. I was at a friend's 50th birthday party the other day. Photos of his father who died when he was 6 were up. The void was there. Wishing you peace, abl
  14. Abitlost

    Graduations..... These kids keep growing up!

    Hey Rob, I'm glad your youngest is settling in, and am sorry to hear about the launch abort of your oldest. My observation is that kids are increasingly unable to handle the stresses of life, including college. Personally I think the internet and social media has a lot to do with it. Consider yourself lucky that she opted out prior to that tuition due date! This generation is also increasingly postponing other adulting activities -- such as driving -- which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Think of how much safer the roads would be if uncertain drivers were not on them! That's a long winded way of saying she certainly is not alone, and you are not to feel a failure. abl

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