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  1. beth_krkswidow

    Update and photo

    Amen! Congratulations and warm hugs
  2. beth_krkswidow

    Back to ground zero

    So sorry, TooSoon, that you are having to deal with this where you are having to deal with it. Sending hugs your way
  3. So sorry you had to join our ranks. You will be in this fog for quite some time. It's called widow brain and it's real. Look it up. You'll realize it's normal --as normal as is possible in this hell. One day at a time, one hour at a time, sometimes one nanosecond at a time. Gentle hugs
  4. beth_krkswidow

    Committed But Not Married (Long)

    SamNE, My thoughts. This sucks since you do indeed wish to marry. As to your questions..... your life your choice! Call each other by whatever name you want. And yes, your friends and family would be thrilled and honored to attend whatever ceremony or occasion you choose. If they do not even wish to attend, they do not belong among your nearest and dearest. Being able to attend is different from wishing to attend of course. Best of wishes to you
  5. Kk, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Absolutely 110% understandable Don't know how you'd have any OTHER reaction. Just sending hugs
  6. beth_krkswidow

    Beyond Frustrated

    SO so sorry that you landed here in this hell called widowhood. So sorry for your loss. And sorry to hear of your frustrating triybles, Sending hugsyour way
  7. beth_krkswidow

    All the words I can't say

    23 months coming up. Yes I'm better in a lot of ways. Yes, "it" has gotten softer, as was predicted by the wids further out when I first came here, utterly shattered ,destroyed and brokeb. But other days I just want to crawl in the grave with him. Really I do. You are not abnormal. I think we're all crazy. Widowhood entitles us to that. Just sending hugs
  8. beth_krkswidow

    Third year anni approaching

    Sometimes kicking and screaming the whole way. But somehow we've made itbthus far. Hugs
  9. beth_krkswidow

    Third year anni approaching

    It's the 16th now. Iam sorry i missed the Sadiversary yesterday Hugs to you today, a day late
  10. beth_krkswidow

    Time warp

    My in laws predeceased my husband so I can't do this. But I think it's great that you can. Surreal as it was. I still haveall my hubby's pictures up. I don't consider my house a shrine.
  11. beth_krkswidow

    Need directions

    Sign me up
  12. At 11 months I still actively wanted to drive off a cliff.. Absolutely no will to go on. What you are feeling is perfectly normal. People here and in my Grief Groups said it gets softer as time passes. It does. Biii didn't believe them but it does get softer So sorry for your loss
  13. beth_krkswidow

    Voice mails from the past.

    Ditto the hijacking of that quote. Sadly I have no voice mail or video. I can't remember his voice and that hurts

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