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  1. My prayers with you. Get well soon.
  2. August end will mark 2 years and last one month has been so tough that i don't know how will I survive next month.
  3. Hi Mattie, Sorry to hear about him. You have joined at good forum, here people can understand you as all have gone thru similar grief. Keep posting.. Take care of yourself , eat as much as you want to and drink lots of water. Sometimes writing helps so please keep posting. Hugs Manoj
  4. Quite timely post as reaching 2 year mark. Elder one my started his 2nd year engr. few days after funeral and younger one daughter started her high school. I was worried how we will last as a family. Today i can say we are not same as family but still I can be proud of both of them.
  5. MR

    OT Prayers please

  6. MR

    Let Me Go

    Beautiful poem. I hope telling us is first step in let it go and it might give you peace. May be discuss it with therapist. Hugs Manoj
  7. MR

    Late Bloomer

    I found similar behavior in me. I was so religious and now really do prayers so i can relate to you.
  8. Hi Sam, There are other ways where you can get married legally but don't have to register. Mine was arranged marriage back in India and we didn't register it for like 2 years till I need certificate for immigration purposes to Canada. I would suggest get married some other country and register there but don't have to disclose in your state or city. Thanks Manoj
  9. Hi Jessm1 , Sorry to see you in this club who nobody wants to join. Please keep writing and ready this forums as it is very helpful in initial days and month. Eat and drink lots of water. Nobody can understand what is it to lose a spouse at this age unless they go thru the same. Take care Manoj
  10. I suppose been single and not having a backup makes us more anxious.
  11. Hi KryptiKat, Sorry to hear about your accident. The anxiety is very common among us. It is 20 months but still after calls with lawyer rest of the day is quite tough for me to go thru. Last year my son was having tooth extract and I was panicking as they would give him anesthesia. If even today if doesn`t call for a day i panic. Take care Manoj
  12. Reminds me of Jan 11 when came back from India to find both car batteries dead and wouldn't even start with jump start.
  13. MR

    Beyond Frustrated

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your husband. Please take one day at a time. It is difficult journey but hopefully will get little better for you. Sending hugs your way. Manoj

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