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  2. So sorry to see you in this club. Take one day or one min at a time as per your convenience. Drink lots of water and eat something.
  3. Do what makes you feel better and don't worry what people say or think. Hugs Manoj
  4. Hi Powbesh, I experienced similar lost like 30 pounds in first 2-3 months but i was overweight so was not an issue. I ensured I eat fruits and drunk water. I drank alcohol at night and helped me to eat but not asking you to try that as everyone is different. Best is to consult doctor as their are trained for this. Hugs
  5. I have seen my wife with similar back pain and can understand what you are going thru. Hopefully they will do right procedure and you will relieve from pain.
  6. Fuck this back pain which got bad and reminded me how much I was dependent on her as I didn't even knew what meds she use to give me Fuck this life.
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    Widows at Christmas dinner

    It happens i have a friend who was like big bro for me and he lost his wife when he was in late 30ish and when i lost my wife he didn't even called me and when i called him after few months he started giving me some advice and i was like bro where were you when i needed you the most.
  8. As LF and CW has mentioned it will take some time for you to learn how to handle it. It will not get better any time soon but will learn to cope with it, Hang on we all are here.
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    Sobbed on new girl

  10. MR

    Sad Loss Of WifeLess

    So sorry to hear this.
  11. My friend lost his wife and started taking meds to sleep. He is still unmarried and after 19 years he still needs them. I would sleep only for 3 hours for like 6 months or more after having 5-6 drinks and still wouldn't get great sleep but i was going to gym more often. Now days i get sleep without that many drinks and can easily sleep for 5-6 hours. Don't make habit of using these meds as they have side effects but again i am not a doctor.
  12. Its normal not to feel like eating.. I lost almost 15 or more pounds in 3 weeks of her sickness and similar in next 2 months. So hang in.... I would eat little but eat as had to else who will take care of kids. I was sleeping like 3 hours a day and still no issues. Slowly slowly sleep increased and now after almost 2.5 years i am able to sleep 5-6 hours which can be considered normal. Doc wanted to take some meds but i didn't as i know i have to stick to them for life long.

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