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  1. ladybug

    I miss being loved

    Yes I miss it tooo.......
  2. ladybug

    Update and photo

    Beautiful....thank you for sharing.
  3. ladybug

    How's this for a sign?

    YES.......signs for sure. Happy for you.
  4. This is just my opinion. I would say RUN AND DON'T AND LOOK BACK. Sounds like way too much drama to bring to yourself and your sweet children. Wishing you the very best.
  5. ladybug

    Just Another Dead Dog Story

    I totally understand what you are feeling. I have been there many, many times with my dear sweet pets throughout the years. So very sorry for your pain. Hugs.
  6. ladybug

    Need directions

    OH YES I WANT TO GO TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Some days are good, but some days are just plain terrible. Of course I have learned through out the years, to keep those feeling to myself. I miss my sweet husband everyday and I know that people in the real world, would never understand my true feelings. Peace to you my fellow widow. Hugs.
  7. ladybug


    Wishing all a very blessed Easter holiday. This is my 10TH Easter without my sweet husband. I can't believe it has been that long. Time marches on and on so very fast.
  8. ladybug

    Three plus Months Sober!

    One day at a time. Good for you. Thanks for sharing.
  9. ladybug

    Social Security

    I was just wondering if a widow has to pay back to the social security, do they work with you. I work and also receive widow benefits. I just got my taxes done and now I think I won't be getting it next year. I may even have to pay back. I am a bit lost. Any thoughts. Thanks
  10. ladybug

    5 years...

    Thank you for posting. My sweet husband was only 55 when he passed. This year he would have been 65. The years have slipped by so very fast. Very grateful for everyone on this board.
  11. I wish I could have a do over. I would love to marry my sweetie again. Even though I know now how it would end, I would still marry him.
  12. ladybug

    New Year's Rocket Ship -- Hop On!

    A great adventure and fun night was had by all. Thanks.
  13. ladybug

    New Year's Rocket Ship -- Hop On!

    I will be waiting out front. Thanks.
  14. Thank you for sharing. I loved every word. Thanks.
  15. ladybug

    Missing the old me.

    I understand what you are saying. I have a numb feeling about life now a days. I have that feeling inside but I try and hide it from the world. No one in my office would ever guess that I have a numb feeling about life. I understand your feeling all too well. Thanks for sharing.

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