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  1. RyanAmysMom

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    This is precisely what he was thinking! Turns out, he did lie to me about his age - he is 15 years older.... And at 45-60, that's a lot for me to handle. I mean, I buried one husband... what are the chances of doing that again? And the age disparity would just grow over time.... So, while we've been compatible, and he's been honest otherwise, I have chosen to move on.... There were some other "issues" with his character that I didn't find attractive.... I never thought I'd be the one who compared every man to my hubby.... but I guess I am.... Another thing I realized was that while I was having a great time, I was enjoying the attention, and the feelings.... I might like the attention and fun and feelings better with someone else. I just want to add.... I had no intention of creating a huge debate here with my original comment - and I hope that no one felt offended or attacked by the comments and disagreements - I truly appreciated the variety of responses - because it gave me a good variety of viewpoints - And I found it hugely helpful to consider so many opinions. J
  2. RyanAmysMom

    On line dating vents and laughs......

    OMG - Why oh WHY can't people just be honest?!?!? I'm coming up on 3 years since my honey left...... been actively working the online dating thing for a couple of months - ran into a super convincing catfisher.... that was awful..... And then this weekend, had an impromptu meet-greet with a lovely man..... only to realize he totally lied about his age..... In most every way, he's a great guy - I'd love to spend more time with him - but why lie about your age? And if you'll lie about that........ what else are you willing to lie about? So..... Is this a dealbreaker? Does one lie really lead to more? Or am I overreacting? (He claimed to be a bit younger than me, then when we met, I realized he looked older....and then started doing the math.... he's actually about 15 years older than he claimed...... he looks good for his age....but....... he lied......... so.... yeah. )
  3. RyanAmysMom

    1000 Days

    Sigh..... 1000 times I've fallen asleep without you. 1000 times I've awakened without out you. 1000 times I've wanted to ask about your day. 1000 times I've wanted a kiss goodnight. 1000 times I've wanted a hug. 1000 times I've cried. 1000 days without you. 1000 days of being lonely. 1000 days of feeling empty. 1000 miss you's 1000 times I needed your advice 1000 times I needed my best friend. 1000 prayers 1000 sunsets 1000 cute things the kids did 1000 days and I'm still broken.....
  4. RyanAmysMom

    Push-Back about dating from teen kids -

    Thanks for the insights, encouragement, and clarity. There's some great advice here.
  5. RyanAmysMom

    Celebrating the baby steps.....

    TwinMom - WOW! Good for you! And good for those girls! I bet they'll build friendships and memories for a lifetime! What's the first adventure going to be?
  6. RyanAmysMom

    Celebrating the baby steps.....

    Boiling maple sap is something I've heard of, read about, and never experienced! Congrats for doing what sounds like hard work! I bet you'll have a great reward! Isn't it great that our sweethearts taught us things? I love doing the "computer stuff" my hubby taught me - it makes me feel proud and confident.
  7. RyanAmysMom

    Celebrating the baby steps.....

    Well, Maureen..... There's a reason I live in CA....... So, I won't mow your snow... But I'll cheer for you if you do!
  8. Because sometimes you need a cheerleader..... right? Some days you conquer the world. Other days you get out of bed. But we all need encouragement sometimes - and I used to get that from my hubbie... So, what did you do today that astonishing? I got out of bed today! YAY! I took a shower and put on clean clothes! YAY! I .... wait for it..... MOWED THE LAWN! Can I get a WhoopWhoop? Tell me about your day and let's cheer for each other!
  9. My DH passed nearly 3 years ago. I've tried dating off and on in the past year... My kids are now 14 and 17, (they were 11 and 14 when daddy passed) - and they both really hate the idea of me dating... But I'm really ready ...... How do I balance their needs and mine?
  10. RyanAmysMom


    I haven't found many FB wid groups that are right for me - Any suggestions?
  11. Ok..... If you've ever watched "How I Met Your Mother" - There's the ongoing joke about the slap-bet- where Marshall gets a free slap on Barney at random..... GRIEF IS LIKE THE SLAPBET! It can slap you in the face when you least expect it, knock you down, and sideline you with no warning. (And if you don't get the reference....... sorry....)
  12. So, my husband and I had a travel bucket list..... and before he passed, the biggest thing still on the list was visiting Washington DC.... (We're California born and bred....) So... The kids and I are headed out East this summer - I booked a hotel near Arlington/Pentagon - We are expecting to see everything there is to see on the Mall - BUT... Any other suggestions for where to go? What to see? Suggestions for getting around? (We're staying near DCA and near the Metro, so planning to take the train into town...) Thanks for any suggestions! Jen
  13. RyanAmysMom

    Third year anni approaching

    I've been thinking a lot about this post lately - as my 3rd yr is coming up also.... And while most days are rough..... This upcoming date is a "landmark" date.... And I think sometimes we give the calendar too much power... My experience has been that as the landmark dates come and go, they are ordinary days, maybe a little rougher than regular days, but in the end, they only have the power we give them. So, my advice to myself (I wouldn't dare tell anyone here how to live or think....) is to not give power to the calendar, but to love my husband and miss him, and honor him every day. God bless us all in this hell of pain and loss.....
  14. RyanAmysMom

    Third year anni approaching

    My 3 year will be this July - and I still feel very much like you do. Some days I still feel the "fog".... This can't be my life...... I hate that others understand the pain... hang in there....
  15. So sorry to hear you're feeling so unsettled. That sucks. I'm a teacher here in CA - (And therefore have no idea what is happening in the real world) - What are your teachers striking over?

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